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Poopy Carrier™
The newest and hottest pet product on the market today!
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"I once left home with the other leash and forgot the Poopy Carrier. I missed it terribly. It sure is a bummer carrying a stinky bag of poopy after using the Poopy Carrier for so long. I learned my lesson and bought one for each leash so that doesn't happen again." - Kim Walker - PA

"Taking my two dogs for a hike here in Colorado can be a challenge at times, so it is extremely helpful to have the "Poopy Carrier".  I have an extra grasp on their leashes for extra safety then worrying about holding the poopy bags too. It's a lifesaver. Thank you for creating such an awesome attachment" 
-Shelly Martin - CO

"I absolutely love my Poopy Carrier because not only does it allow me to relax and have a more enjoyable walk with my little Lola but i don't have to carry a stinky bag of poopy. I absolutely love this small little widget. There are so many great benefits to this. Thank you!

Karen Martin - NJ

 Recent Press: 
San Diego Pets Magazine-Dec. issue gift guide
UT San Diego
San Elijo Hills Fountain Newspaper - Jan issue

QVC Sprouts Program

  The Poopy Carrier™ is in demand, spreading worldwide!  

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