"Our Solution for Poopy Pollution"

Poopy Carrier

 The Poopy Carrier ™ is becoming a necessity for all dog owners!
Snap...clip...poopy carrier so YOU don't have to! 

Wouldn't it be great to go for a walk with your dog and not have to carry a full bag of poop?

Well, I have something for you! I am a full-time dog walker for "I Love My Happy Dogs" pet sitting service in San Elijo Hills CA and i have come across a few waste filled poopy bags placed aside on the ground. I get it, there aren't trash cans on every corner and who wants to carry a stinky bag of poopy?  Not me! So I was inspired to create the Poopy Carrier™. 

The Poopy Carrier™ is a small attachment that fits ALL leashes (standard and retractable). It will just about fit on anything such as strollers, back packs, belt loops, and dog collars. It will hold your dogs waste filled poopy bag, so you don't have to. It will help keep our environment clean. The Poopy Carrier™ will add extra safety to your walks, so you can have both hands readily available if need be. Sounds Great huh? Yes, it really is!

We now have our new fun and stylish Classic Style polka dot Poopy Carrier that comes in (Red, Black & Pink). All attached with a key ring, two clips for added stability. Our NEW Leash Jewelry line (Black, Pink and Turquoise) is just in time for the new year. 

No more waving to your neighbors with a bag of poop in your hands! Hot Item! Get yours before we sell out!  

No Stinky Business !

 Stay Tuned for the launch of our new
"Woofume" Dog Poop Bags.

Limited Supply will be available so be first in line !

Patent Pending 

"Our Solution for Poopy Pollution"

About Us

All Natural made with essential oils

All Natural Deodorizer for Kitty Litter

 "Woofume" Dog Poop Bags holds a special pleasant surprise for your dog in each bag. All have natural safe ingredients made with essential oils. Makes picking up poop a bit more fun and leaves a lasting fresh impression until you have time to give your fur baby a bath. We will be launching our "Woofume" pet line soon so stay tuned ! 

All Natural Flea & Tick Repellent

How to use Woofume Bag

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 Get your Poopy Carrier™ today and enjoy your walks and exercise more now not having to worry where the next trash can is!
Check out our instructional video above. 

"Our Solution for Poopy Pollution"

*A Hands-Free way to carry your dogs waste filled poop bags
*Fits ALL Leashes (Standard and Retractable)
*Attaches Easily to leashes, strollers, back packs, belt loops, collars.
*Clip holds multiple bags securely
*Lightweight, comfortable and convenient
*Hygienically recommended
*Environmentally friendly 
*Available in many colors & styles
*Classic style Poopy Carrier™ has an attached key ring
*Extra safety with having both hands readily available

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Snap...Clip...Poopy Carrier so YOU don't have to!
Don't leave home without it!

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