"Our Solution for Poopy Pollution"

Poopy Carrier


Kim Walker - PA

 "I once left home with the other leash and forgot the Poopy Carrier. I missed it terribly. It sure is a bummer carrying a stinky bag of poopy after using the Poopy Carrier for so long. I learned my lesson and bought one for each leash so that doesn't happen again." 

Shelly Martin - CO

 "Taking my two dogs for a hike here in Colorado can be a challenge at times, so it is extremely helpful to have the "Poopy Carrier".  I have an extra grasp on their leashes for extra safety then worrying about holding the poopy bags too. It's a lifesaver. Thank you for creating such an awesome attachment"  

Karen Martin - NJ

 "I absolutely love my Poopy Carrier because not only does it allow me to relax and have a more enjoyable walk with my little Lola but i don't have to carry a stinky bag of poopy. I absolutely love this small little widget. There are so many great benefits to this. Thank you!  Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones."

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